Parents on campus

Alissa Luangrath, Copy Co-Editor

Ever wonder what it’s like to see your parents all day? Whether you’re at school or at home, they’re there. Will you have privacy? What will your peers think of you?

Senior Sarah Arroyo’s mother works on campus as a parent liaison, where she mainly translates information for the Spanish speaking parents. Arroyo feels that her privacy is never invaded, and that she is free to do what she pleases, as long as it does not violate any of the school rules. When asked what students thought of her, she said that most of them were unaware her mother is working here.

However, junior Hannah James has both of her parents here as math teachers, causing some students to assume she is “really good at math.” She claims that there are some perks to having her parents here, but she’d rather not say. Like Arroyo, her parents do not restrict her from anything at school.

Both Arroyo and James think that the best part is that whenever they need something, they can always go into their parents’ classrooms because “It is like a second home,” said James.