Wolf Pack Mom

Awesta Mohammadi, Features Editor

There are many teachers and staff members at school who go unnoticed, unappreciated and unrecognized. Each and every one of them have done a great job to keep West High at its best. An individual who has dedicated more than a decades worth of time to West High is Ms. Ana Arroyo. Arroyo started off as a volunteer at the school, inspired by her desire to get involved with her children’s education. Ever since, she has worked hard to promote West High’s well being.

As of April 2016, Arroyo has been appointed as the parent liaison for West. Parent liaisons help connect the teachers with students and their parents, often through communication that involves translation. In Tracy we have 10 parent liaisons, one for each school to help with communication and connection. As English speakers, we don’t really appreciate the advantage we have over the English learners. Arroyo has been helping to break the language barrier and allow all parents to be involved with their kid’s education, despite their ability regarding English fluency. She believes that communication between school and parents is the key to success in school.

Along with translating, Arroyo teaches parents how to set up Aeries accounts, email accounts, forms and applications. She also calls parents to check up on them or to inform them about upcoming events. Arroyo said about calling parents, “It takes a long time to get them done because I love to socialize and talk to parents.” Although she’s not a counselor, Arroyo is able to give out referrals to families. She is in contact with the local and county agency where families can ask for financial and physical help, concerning anything from shelter to drug abuse. She also visits students at home to check up on their well being, truly what a mother would do.

Arroyo can be reached anytime during the day in room G3, contacted at (209) 830-3370 extension 3803 or emailed at [email protected]. “Feel free to contact me anytime, [ I ] am always open for families, students and staff.” said Arroyo. She has done exactly what a mother would do, cherish her family, her children and her community. Arroyo said “ I like our school, our teachers, our staff. I like West High.”