Welcoming new teachers to the Wolfpack

Awesta Mohammadi and Madeleine Alt


Name: Mr. Alford

Subject: English 1 & 3 CP

Room #: H1

Years taught: 22

Favorite part about teaching: Interacting with students




Name: Ms. Backster

Subject: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra Readiness

Room #: MS1

Years taught: 5

Favorite part about teaching: When students have the “aha” moment




Name: Mr. Dell’Aringa

Subject: English 2 Pre-AP, Academy English 2

Room #: MS13

Years taught: First year

Favorite part about teaching: Enjoys the age group of sophomores




Name: Ms. Minton

Subject: Agricultural Biology, Soil Chemistry

Room #: MS6

Years taught: First year

Favorite part about teaching: Student interaction in Future Farmers of America (FFA)




Name: Mr. Sandoval

Subject: World History CP, American Government/Economics CP

Room #: P18

Years taught: Second year

Favorite part about teaching: Getting to know his students




Name: Ms. Stewart

Subject: English 3 CP, English 4 CP, Avid 4

Room #: H8

Years taught: 18

Favorite part about teaching: Getting kids excited about learning




Name: Mr. Raman

Subject: Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Choir, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Drumline

Room #: K2

Years taught: 4

Favorite part about teaching: Seeing the spark in kids when they connect with the subject