Remembering Edith Velasco


Awesta Mohammadi, Features Editor

Loving, hardworking, artistic, bubbly, selfless and beautiful Edith Isabel Velasco Lustre passed away on Tuesday, September 20. Velasco graduated with the Class of 2014. She was attending Fresno State University, majoring in criminology.

Velasco was an amazing person, someone everyone wanted to be friends with. Everyone would call her their best friend. She loved to laugh and make others laugh. She was unique and had a personality of her own. She would paint and draw pictures for her friends instead of texting them. She would never miss a chance to praise her friends or to express her love for them. She cared deeply about her friends and family, especially her siblings, nieces and nephews.

Velasco loved Hot Cheetos. Jailene Gutierrez, one of Velasco’s best friends said, “You knew it was Edith if her fingers were red with the Hot Cheetos dust.” Velasco had a great way with people. “She touched everyone she met with her sense of humor and contagious laugh,” said Gutierrez. Velasco was passionate about One Direction, enjoyed singing in the car at full volume and appreciated the small things in life. She was known as the “Selfie Queen” among her friends. “My day was not complete until I saw at least one selfie of her on Snapchat or Instagram,” said Gutierrez.

If you are interested in helping the family, the family requests donations to the Wells Fargo account, 8576400173, or to the Go Fund Me page: .

In addition, Velasco had touched the heart of many teachers at West High. She was one who “never shied away from a challenge or let difficulties overwhelm her,” said Ms. Anne Duff.  “She just worked harder.”

Velasco left behind a fond memory and a lovely personality. “Edith was like a meteor shower!! Once you’ve experienced one you never forget it,” said Ms. Lavette Richards.  We will always remember Velasco, with her infectious, bright and beautiful smile.

In writing about Velasco’s passing, Ms. Annette Feldman wrote, “Yes, I have been disbelieving/heartbroken/numb as well. Beautiful Edith was our student at ABL/IGCG, an integral part of our little community, beloved by all. One of those lovely, bubbly, happy souls …. she was also one of ABL/Lynn Huggins’ Skills U.S.A. criminal justice all-stars!!

Forever in my heart, Edith, you were loved & will be missed.”