West High’s new artistic voice


Courtesy of @whsartclub on Twitter

President Roy Nehoran and members Michaela Ovalle.

Madeleine Alt, News Editor

As students, our brains are constantly clouded with thoughts of school. Maybe you’re finishing that homework assignment minutes before the period it’s due or struggling to study for a huge test. Either way, your mind probably needs an outlet, a place where you can let go and just have fun. Luckily, this year a new club has formed and by the title of this article, I’m sure you know what it is.

Art Club is in its first year with advisor Mr. Nelson and president senior Roy Nehoran. With an average of 40 to 50 members showing up each Tuesday in Nelson’s room, art club radiates enthusiasm. Its members have already participated in community service by repainting the American Legion mural (see photo), while also contributing to the school by helping out with homecoming.

The club started with a handful of AP art students who took the lead on establishing it. As an art teacher, Nelson is the ideal advisor, yet he admits that it is mainly a student-run club. “There is a lot of talent, lots of drive and ambition,” said Nelson. These are vital aspects for a club’s presence, and these qualities are apparent in the numerous posters that promote art club throughout the campus.

A beautiful thing about art club is that you don’t have to be an incredible artist to be a member of the club. Everyone is welcome, whether art is your passion or you enjoy the occasional notebook doodle. Students come together to promote art and be creative in doing so. Nelson states that one of the club’s main goals is to “beautify or add an artistic value to the campus.” In other words, the future may contain fantastic murals and artistic additions to plain areas of our campus.

If you’re interested in a creative outlet where you can enjoy art with your fellow students, Art Club meetings are held in G1 after school on Tuesdays.