Pumped for Homecoming: Night Rally Success


Jada Hallman, Copy Co-Editor

Nothing gets our school more pumped for an intense football game like a rally. With music blaring, spectacular performances sending roars of encouragement rattling the bleachers and friends there to share the spirited experience with, the atmosphere is unlike any other. The only thing that could be better than a rally during the day: a rally during the evening. Wednesday, October 2 was our 2016 Night Rally and the music, performances and Homecoming court made the night one not soon to be forgotten.

To encourage a spirited attitude among the students, each class dressed in their designated colors and were divided into four quadrants of the gym. Freshmen wore white, sophomores wore blue, juniors wore gold and seniors wore black.

The night started off with a wonderful rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner sung by senior Nathan Concepcion followed by a customary spirit check. As is tradition, to celebrate their last night rally at West High, the graduating class of 2017 ran out from a side entrance, cheering and cherishing this unforgettable high school memory.

The homecoming court was then introduced, each princess glowing in her beautiful dress, each prince looking dashing in his suit, and the Homecoming King and Queen nominees each beaming with excitement and anticipation.

The freshmen Alfred Johnson and Sophia Jones and sophomores Paola Duran and Juan Arias were the underclassmen Princes and Princesses. The junior Prince was Troy Hanes and Princess was Brenda Ruelas. Seniors Dominique Aciego, Azaleia Caluza, Jasmine Angeles, Carrie Buckley and Rolana Erkskine were all nominated for senior Homecoming Queen while Osvaldo Ruiz, Jacob Brown, Joseph Bussey, Daniel Gil and Todd O’Leary were nominated for Homecoming King. Jasmine Angeles and Todd O’Leary were announced this year’s King and Queen at the football game that Friday.

Asian Pacific Islanders (API) were the first to perform. Their engaging hip-hop routine kept everyone on the edge of their seat from the beginning; as they started their dance with cryptic, white masks, everyone had their eyes glued to the incredible dancers.

Next, traditional Spanish dances known as merengue and cumbia were performed by Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA). The chemistry between the dancers was evident as they moved in perfect unison to the bouncy tune of the music. Black Student Union (BSU) blew everyone away with their stunning dance performance as well; cheers radiated from the crowds as the girls confidently performed a flawless routine. Korean Pop (KPOP) also had the stands roaring with delight and encouragement. Member and dancer of KPOP club, senior Courtney Lee said, “It’s a lot of fun and it’s also very nerve-wracking… I would describe it as a mix of exciting and scary but it’s worth it.”

Polynesian club mesmerized everyone with their beautiful dance and impressed everyone in the audience. The incredibly grand myriad of dancers displayed the great dedication the club’s members had devoted to learning and performing the dance. Following Polynesian club was West High’s drumline. Each beat of the drums electrified the atmosphere as freshman CJ Goldsby took center stage to simultaneously dance and play the cowbell. “I didn’t really have a routine planned out, but we all knew I was going to dance,” said Goldsby. “I was nervous at first, but after a while the nerves went away and I just had fun with it.”

Next were our very own Powderpuff cheerleaders. The boys grinned with joy and pride as they performed their routine in homemade tutus. Following them was the Dance team who sensationally executed a remarkable routine. The cheer team shined as they did their own performance and amused the crowd with exceptional moves and formations. The nominees for Homecoming King and Queen finished off the last of the performances with a phenomenal dance routine which sent everyone going wild with awe and excitement.

The rally had an incredible turn-out and definitely marked the middle of a fantastic Homecoming week. Each club performed amazingly and received a wave of rumbling applause. Once again, the night rally was a success and got everyone pumped for the Homecoming game that Friday.