Female Athlete of the Issue: Zaria Ealy

Marcus Butler, Staff Reporter

Zaria Ealy is the captain for the girls tennis team. Ealy brings her experience and passion every time she steps on the court, hoping for a win. Although, she is not actively trying to pursue a career in tennis, she hopes to lead this team to many victories this season.

Full name: Zaria Rose Ealy


Birthday: July 13, 1999


Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Favorite color: Brown

Sport played: Tennis

Years played: 5 years

Position you play: At the net

Plans after graduation: Go to a private university

Career goals: Getting a masters degree in criminology and getting into the CIA

Favorite thing about tennis: Competitive play and intensity

Least favorite thing about tennis: The heat and sun tans

Most memorable moment playing tennis: Bonding with teammates mostly over food

Who inspires you to play: Serena Williams

Favorite teacher and why: Mrs. Ludwig for being there when I needed her, whether personal or school related