Just keep treading

Adrian Salazar, Staff Reporter

During fall season, the West High girls’ water polo team began pre-season with impressive wins against McNair, Franklin and Central Catholic. Now they are facing tougher competition, but they believe they can do great for the rest of the season. The girls have practice every day from 3:30 to 5:30 and morning practice, Monday and Wednesday. Their games are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The team consists of ten members from freshman to varsity girls. Freshman Farah Al-Masri joined water polo this year. It’s her first time playing it and she has already gained many skills and confidence. When asked what is your favorite thing about water polo, Al-Masri responded, “The adrenaline I get when I get the ball and the team is counting on me for those few moments.” Even though it’s her first time playing water polo, Al-Masri is already loving the sport. Her favorite memory is the bonding of the team. “The team event at Ashley’s house. We were all laughing so hard out, [our] stomachs hurt and so many jokes were made it was such a great time,” said Al-Masri.

According to Al-Masri, water polo is only for certain people. Water polo is only for determined players that don’t quit right away when things get a little tough. “The sport is very tiring and it forces you to use every muscle in your body,” said Al-Masri. Water polo isn’t the most popular sport in school, but it’s definitely exciting to watch. Make sure you go support our girls when they play home!