Girls get rough and tough for Powderpuff


Photo by Jackie Estrada

Ian Lowe, Staff Reporter

On October 4, the junior and senior boys and girls switched roles for an evening for the annual Powderpuff game. The game was nothing less than exciting. Both teams put forth tremendous effort but in the end only one team could be the winner.

With the scoreboard at 0-0, the first player to score a touchdown was senior running back Azaleia Caluza. She would later on in the game score another touchdown along with two more of her teammates Alyssa Castillo and Jadey Thorsteinson. The juniors didn’t go down without a fight, though. The juniors put up six points on the board from a touchdown from Serena Riley. Alas the damage had already been done, the seniors won 26-6.

When I say that roles were switched, I mean all roles. Instead of our traditional cheerleaders, we had a few of our boys to step in and fill their shoes. When speaking with senior Isaiah Mahoney, about his experience cheering all night, he said, “It’s a lot of fun, [I’m] going big for my senior year. [I’m] having fun with the guys out there.”