Male Athlete of the issue: Anthony Garcia Lopez


Sahar Fayaz, Opinions Editor

Time’s running out and the game is tied. Tension and anticipation is in the air as the ball comes toward you. You move swiftly through the obstacles ahead and score the winning goal. That exact feeling is what Anthony Garcia Lopez loves. Garcia plays forward for West High’s varsity Soccer team; he is thrilled to be a part of the team and to be the best he can be on the field.

Full name: Anthony Garcia Lopez

Grade: 11

Height: 5’ 8’’

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Sports played: Soccer and Track

Years played: Soccer, since five years old; Track, first year

Position played: Forward, whose main job is to score goals

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite thing about West High: The people here and my teammates

Favorite subject: English because I like to read [novels] and to write poetry.

Favorite teacher: Mr. James because he makes math easy for me and is funny while he teaches.

Plans after high school: Going to college with a scholarship for soccer.

Career goals: To play soccer on a professional first division team.

Favorite thing about soccer: When I score goals and especially on very tight games because you feel like the hero of the game.

Least Favorite thing about soccer: When soccer players are selfish. It’s a team sport and to win games you have to pass the ball if your teammate has a better chance to score.

Advice to students: If you play sports, try to keep schoolwork first. Without the grades you can’t play.