What you need to know before the Talent Show

Ian Lowe, Staff Reporter

Do you have the ability to sing, play an instrument, or do a magic trick and want to let everybody know about it? Well, West High will bet putting on its very first Talent Show!

The show will be run by the Music Club and this show is the first of its kind here at West High. Mr. Raman, the Music Director, said that he has never set up a talent show, and drawing influence from Lodi High’s form of a talent show. He is hoping that his experiences of spectating, along with being a part of talent shows will be a good base to construct the show upon. When asked about what we would gain from putting on this show, he said, “It’s really all about showing off our school. It’s about showing off that there are more secret talents here than people would like to believe. People could go to Tracy High and say ‘Oh these people are talented!’” Raman later said “…I’ll sit in my class and I’ll hear it over in Behnam’s room and there’s kids singing in there and I’m like ‘Ok, so why aren’t you in Choir?’ It’s just that they’re too busy or they didn’t know that they could do it. That’s why we’re putting on this talent show.” More information will be released about the Talent Show in the second semester.