After the bell rings…


Custodio at work

Madeleine Alt, News Editor

After the last bell has rung, the campus is swarmed with students. Some are rushing to their next destination and others clump in groups, leisurely recapping the events of their day. Yet for many students, the release bell holds little significance. It signals the beginning of the rest of their day, whether that entails going to work, practicing a sport or studying meticulously for an upcoming test.

West High is home to a multitude of student athletes year-round. With practice after school, a seemingly never-ending load of homework and hopefully a social life, time management is critical. Sophomore Dream Rodriguez juggles a busy schedule consisting of daily basketball practice, frequent games and of course, homework. When asked about her schedule, she said, “I usually have practice after school so I get home around six, and then I have to shower and eat so I have less time to do homework.” Many students can relate to Rodriguez’s situation, as they learn the hard way that procrastination is not an option if they want to achieve proficient grades while doing well in a sport. This schedule can take a toll, but it is equally rewarding. Rodriguez said, “Basketball makes me a better person, with teamwork and stuff like that.” Anyone participating in a sport can testify that they have learned one thing or another, and many times this ties into time management.

However, we are not perfect. Maintaining good grades and participating in other activities is not easy, so it is natural to have the occasional slip-up. “With my studies, sometimes I slip because it’s a lot of time and effort,” said Rodriguez. After-school activities are definitely demanding and often get the best of us, but having a busy schedule ultimately teaches us the importance of managing time wisely.

Many students spend their afternoons and nights working while striving for good grades. Senior Christian Custodio spends most of his week working at Quinto’s Martial Arts. Custodio explained that he manages to keep up his grades in high level classes while devoting many hours to his job. He instructs kids and stated that he has gained confidence from doing so.

What you do in your time after school is completely up to you, whether you prefer sleeping over working and vice-versa. There are many opportunities and activities to participate in, and while they can be challenging, they teach you valuable life skills.

 Marissa Perez

Rodriguez shooting a three-pointer