Panera Bread restaurant review

Marcus Butler, Staff Reporter

A new restaurant has arrived in Tracy! Panera Bread opened up on 2512 Naglee Road on December 5, and was met with a flurry of customers as they flooded the lobby and drive thru. Personally, I loved my visit to Panera Bread, first being greeted at the door by an employee created a heartwarming homey atmosphere to the store. While waiting in line trying to decide what to order, I remember an employee and personal friend of mine Julian Metzinger said, “The macaroni and cheese is the best seller.” But I instead opted for the Roasted Turkey Avocado BLT, white loaf bread and a cinnamon roll. Each item tasted amazing with the BLT and cinnamon roll each having a sweet and unique taste to them respectively. The lobby is filled with tables with a fireplace in the middle promoting a calm and peaceful environment. Although the prices of the food may not encourage daily visits, I do encourage the students to go after school and try out the variety of food Panera Bread has to offer, while hanging out with friends or for a study session.