Female Athlete of the issue: Alyssa Castillo

Adrian Salazar, Staff Reporter

Alyssa Castillo is a senior at West and plays varsity for the girls soccer team. She is a skillful and talented player who brings passion every time she’s on the field. Castillo always gives 100% no matter the opponent.


Full Name: Alyssa Castillo

Grade: 12

Birthday: May 29, 1999

Height: 5’3”

Sports Played: Soccer

Years Played: 8

Position she plays: Forward

Plans after graduation: Go to college

Career Goals: Forensic Scientist

Favorite thing about soccer: The bonding of the team

Least favorite thing about soccer: When the weather is bad and they still have to play

Most memorable moment: Celebrating after she scores.

Who inspires you to play: Family and her teammates

Favorite teacher and why: “Mr. Behnam because he’s my coach and Leadership teacher.”

Advice to students: “Try you hardest and never give up.”