Farewell, Mr. Callahan

Valli Ford, Opinion Editor

Here at West High, we have many teachers on our campus. We love each and every one of them the same, for they’ve been the people who guide us to a future we’d like to mold. But since a greater opportunity has been presented before him, our very own Mr. Stephen Callahan will be leaving the ‘Pack towards a better future.

Callahan’s new job will be in Stockton in the San Joaquin County Office of Education. “I’ve been working at the county for two years,” said Callahan. “The job opening came to me to work in resource to help with education in the county. Since I do a lot of technical and educational work, it was something I felt I would be able to benefit from.” His greatest achievements are having the privilege to be a part of the Space and Engineering Academy and Black Student Union, for he enjoyed them very much. He also believes West High is a really unique community. “It’s true. It’s super friendly, feels like a family and I’m going to miss being a part of that.”

It’s evident that Callahan will be deeply missed by his students: old and current. Junior Chaztine Embucado shares her favorite memory being in his class. “My favorite part was that whenever I would make a pun or a play on words, he would act like he didn’t like it, but he couldn’t resist smiling and laughing. Inevitably he would make some jokes of his own, too, which really lightened the mood.” Upon walking into his classroom, one can notice that the environment is warm and welcoming for everybody. While others learned school curriculum, junior Kolby Vidal learned life lessons from Callahan. “Mr. Callahan not only taught us chemistry, but he taught us to broaden our perspective of life. He also talked a lot about his farm with his chickens and bees!”

Regarding his students, Callahan says “Thank you. It was awesome teaching them, and I will miss them greatly.”

Final Parting Words from Students:

“I’d like to thank him for being a really great teacher and for being a great person because he’s really understanding and has helped all of us to take care of ourselves in the future. We’ll always have those class jokes to remember about him.” –Vivian Doan, Senior

“Thank you. Thank you for inspiring me and countless other academy students to strive for excellence and expand them into new fields outside of engineering. Thank you for being the teacher that made any student feel that they could come to you, regardless. Thank you for inspiring me to reach my dreams and reminding me that even if I shoot for the stars and miss, I’ll land among the cosmos.” –Isa Guragain, Junior

“I hope he has fun wherever he’s going and he’ll know that his students will forever be with him and support him.” –Micheal Funes-Solis, Sophomore

“When I first walked in there, I just knew [that] this is the class; this is my favorite class. I just really appreciate his efforts to educate us and we’ll miss him.” –Jordan Mangskau, Freshman