PAL Program

Marwa Mohammadi, Staff Reporter

Are you looking for something to do after school to get you off the boring old couch and up in action? The Tracy Police Activities Leagues (PAL) is a program where kids can come and get a “change in perspective of law enforcement and break down stereotypes about police,” said PAL Secretary Mr. Charles Baker.

Ninety years ago a police officer saw kids in the street getting into trouble and messing around. He decided to get these boys to start playing baseball, which led to the start of the PAL program. However, it was called the Police Athletic League and worked with boys only. This led to a decrease in crimes in the city. The new PAL program wants to go far and beyond on who can join. The program wishes to include every one of any race, ethnicity, religion, background and gender. By receiving the Tracy Police Department Chief Police Larry Esquivels’ permission, Baker started the program and has begun creating a framework. “We have already established a board of directors, have our own constitution…I’m excited,” said Baker. They are hoping to finish midsummer and start during fall. President Peter Carlson, Vice President Dan Pasquale, Sergeant of Arms Rhodesia Ransom, Secretary Charles Baker and Member at Large Tracy Jackson are all excited to involve the police with kids in fun and educational ways. There are three activities planned out: running club, after school program with middle school students and a boxing program. On May 6th, a Donut Dash as well as a Tracy PD Safety Fair is being hosted by the police department to help get involved in the community. The Donut Dash is a 5k run in which halfway through the run one must eat two donuts or ten donut holes to pass.

If you have any questions about the PAL program, the dash or the fair please contact Mr. Charles Baker at [email protected]