Slam Jam Game

Hailey Fargo, Staff Reporter

On January 27, the West Wolf Pack faced off against the Tracy Bulldogs in one of the biggest basketball games of the season. The West varsity boys played their hearts out on the court against Tracy and went on to take the win.

The crowd cheered throughout the game getting the players pumped up and ready to make shot after shot. West maintained a lead throughout most of the game and by the end of the second quarter were ahead by twelve points 41-29. As the buzzer sounded for halftime the dance and cheer teams from both schools performed captivating routines that received loud cheers and applause from the audience.

Not too long after the third quarter began, the score was 55-46. The players went back and forth with the ball, scoring one after the other. By the end of the third quarter, West had a lead of seven 59-52.

Tracy inched closer and closer to tying up the game but West was able to keep their lead into the fourth quarter. The crowd only got louder as the game was coming to a close and everyone wondered if West would be able to finish this game with a well-deserved win. The number of fouls on each team began to grow with nine on West and ten on Tracy. With less than a minute on the clock, senior Isaiah Abdul stepped up to shoot two foul shots. Shortly after him, junior Michael Hayes stepped up to do the same. After each shot had been made, West won 75-69.

With their heads held high the coaches and players of both teams congratulated one another on their efforts. This was a big win for the varsity boys and there is no doubt that it meant a lot to them. When asked how it felt to get this win, Hayes responded, “It was a good win, cross town rivalries are always big and at the end we came out with the W.” The head coach also believes this was a good win and is pleased with the amount of effort the players have put into their games this season.