Male athlete of the issue: Guatam Banuru


Jasjot Kaur, Staff Reporter

Senior Gautam Banuru plays a multitude of sports for West High and is a pleasure to watch on the course, court and track. From golf to Tennis Banuru plays with passion and perseverance.


Full name: Gautam Banuru


Grade: 12


Birthday: February 16, 1999


Height: 5’10’’


Hair color: Black


Eye color: Dark Brown


Favorite color: Purple


Sports played: Golf, Cross Country, Track & Field and Tennis


Years played: Golf – 1 year, Cross Country – 4 years, Track & Field – 1 year, Tennis – 1 year


Plans after graduation: Hopes to go to four-year college


Career goals: Job in the bioengineering or electrical engineering field


Favorite thing about golf: The little satisfying “click” you hear when you hit the golf ball


Least favorite thing about golf: The patience and time golf requires


Most memorable moment: When he putted on a course where the hole was on an island and on his shot he swung over a ravine of water and landed his ball right by the hole


Who inspires you: Yuyuvan Robles from cross country as he really made him feel welcome


Favorite teacher and why: Mrs. James because she is a great teacher and coach