Blooming into fashion

Alissa Luangrath, Copy Co-Editor

Winter’s over, so it’s time to bundle down instead of bundle up! But what could we wear? It’s too warm to wear a typical jacket, but too cold to wear your favorite skirt/shorts. We need that perfect balance for the spring time.

Senior Nathan Concepcion put together two Kanye West inspired outfits that make a t-shirt and jeans combo look ten times better. In the first photo, Concepcion is wearing a long, burned out red t-shirt under a light washed denim button up, a pair of skinny jeans and white slip-on Vans. A longer shirt gives the outfit a little something more than just a basic look. In his second outfit, a pair of ripped jeans automatically catches your attention, giving more texture than a solid, olive green t-shirt. The white Adidas give a clean feel that compliments the distressed parts of the jeans, and are similar to a pair of Yeezys, which are too over-priced for us adolescents—am I right?

Then we have Junior Kiana Cardona who appears ready to dance and have fun at Coachella. Her style is more of a loose top and a pair of ripped jeans that are folded at the bottom. In the first outfit, she has a pair of tan shoelace sandals, and a white, bell sleeve top with a lace pattern from her wrist to elbow. I’m guessing she took off her thin jacket to seduce Concepcion with her revealing shoulders. Now instead of looking at her shoulders, Cardona has a red cardigan to catch Concepcion’s eye. Her black, babydoll top with lace trim at the top compliments her pair of sparkly navy blue, bow sandals. Feel free to put on a flower crown if you want to be a little extra.