New and returning classes

Hailey Fargo, Staff Reporter

Are you still thinking about what classes to take next year? Consider joining Human Rights or Speech and Debate. Due to a shortage of students enrolled, these classes were cut this year but students should be happy to know that they will be back. There will also be a new course offered next year, Food and Nutrition II.

Human Rights teacher Mr. Rio is excited to have his class coming back. He stated,”We’ve got two full sections and I know that we can develop and sustain our numbers.” Rio believes this class is important “because ultimately it is current curriculum. It is about human rights, what you have access to. You need to be informed.” He believes that his class can provide real information about the world that most people don’t have access to. If you’re interested in learning more about your rights and real world problems, consider joining Rio’s course.

Speech and Debate will also be returning next year. This class can provide you with great speaking skills and looks good on college applications.

Food and Nutrition II will be a class offered next year to those who have previously been in Home Economics, have experience in cooking or are interested in culinary arts. This two-hour long class provides “an opportunity to create food and learn new cooking techniques and cultural foods and nutrition,” said Home Economics teacher, Ms. Rebecca McLatcher. This class can be useful to those who may decide to take culinary arts and helpful in creating nutritious meals. It’s not too late to enroll in McLatcher’s class if you’re interested.

All of these classes can supply you with skills you can use in your future career. If you’re looking for ways to learn more about the rights of you and others, how to gain excellent cooking skills or ways to make your college application refined, think about joining one of these three classes next year.