Female Athlete of the Issue: Payton West

Female Athlete of the Issue: Payton West

Ian Lowe, Staff Reporter

Junior Payton West is a multi-sport athlete with experiences in sports such as basketball, soccer and most importantly to her, softball.

Full Name: Payton West

Grade: 11

Birthday: May 5 ,2000

Height: 5’7”

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Favorite Color: Lime green

Sports Played: Softball, Basketball, Soccer

Years Played: Softball- 12

Plans after graduation: Receive a scholarship at Concordia university of Nebraska or Sonoma State

Career Goals: Job in Bioengineering

Favorite thing about Softball: I like my team players. I like being a captain and a role model for the other girls on the team

Least favorite thing about Softball: Losing

Who inspires you: My parents and Jennie Finch of the USA National Team and the Chicago Bandits