Senior reflection


Courtesy of Lifetouch

Carrie Buckley, Sports Editor

Dear freshman me,


Over the course of my four years here at West, I have realized that you make your high school life how you want based on your decisions. Do not think that high school is the end of your life. Yes, there is a lot of drama once you truly realize that there are snakes among you, but do not let them have that effect over you. As Oscar Wilde said, “Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.”


Nevertheless, start actually doing your homework and do not wait till the last minute. Procrastination is not the key to anything. It just makes everything worse. Do not worry about failing a test every now and then. Sometimes you need to rest and realize that you do not really understand the material given to you. If so, ask for help.


Also, try not to think that you need to wear the latest brands. Sometimes you can find the best clothing choices at cheap little stores or even at our local stores. Do not worry about how other people perceive you. You are who you are. Only care about what you think of yourself because we as individuals are unique and beautiful people. Being more comfortable in your preferred clothing is more essential than living up to other people’s standards.


You realize you change over time and you are not always the same person as you were when you were younger. Join a sports team. They become your family and help you grow. You meet lifelong friends there. These friends will be with you step by step throughout the years. They will be your allies, your confidants, your goofy buddies, your family and your best of friends. Do not take them for granted. Even though you are not close to your parents or one of them lives in another state, do not give up hope. Everything starts to get better slowly.


High school life is just four years of you finding out who you are. You turn from shy to becoming more comfortable with talking to people. You become more independent and gain a job. You realize that one heartbreak can help you improve yourself for another. You realize who your true friends are and that they have your backs. You see your parents once again. You become closer with your siblings and help one another. You learn to be who you want to be and cherish the moments you are as a teen. Because when you become an adult you have a lot of responsibility. You can make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.


Good luck in the world West High students!