Senior reflection

Courtesy of Lifetouch

Courtesy of Lifetouch

Ian Lowe, Staff Reporter

So the time has finally come. It feels like only yesterday I was waking up with excitement for my first day of high school. I was excited for being able to meet all new people, getting to try new things and most importantly to me, getting to finally go to school with my older brother. That excitement quickly turned to the fear of the unknown after being separated from my older brother. I was normally a loud kid but for the first two months of school, I was quieter than a room full of mute people. After I found my footing, I was comfortable with West High and I felt that I was finally able to call it my new home.

I learned a lot of useful things while at West High like: you can always make a pun out of any situation (thank you Mr. Fallquist), West is the land of the snakes and most importantly, you have no idea what is going on in other people’s lives, so before you say something about how somebody dresses, looks or acts, understand why they’re doing what they’re doing.

I will miss quite a few things about West High. From seeing the Academy kids shooting off rockets in the quad, to Mr. Behnam singing “Feliz Navidad” when it is somebody’s birthday while trying to dance in the process. May I add that is one of the funniest and strangest sights on campus? But I will miss nothing more than my brothers on the basketball team that I have dedicated the last four years of my life to. You know who you are and I love every one of you like you’re blood to me.

Thank you to everybody who put up with me over the last four years. You’ve helped mould me into the person I have become today and for that, I can’t thank you enough. I have one final thing to say. It’s over ladies and gentlemen!