West High Wolfhackers

West High Wolfhackers

Jasjot Kaur, Staff Reporter

West High school competed at the second annual H20 Hackathon event at the San Joaquin County Office of Education on Saturday, March 25. The event had students compete, code, research, program and design an app. Three prompts and around six hours were given to the participants.

The Wolf Pack had three teams who took part in Hackathon, two of which placed second and third. Wolfhack Beta placed second and consisted of junior Isa Gurgain, freshman Amrutha Kalle, sophmore Gurnoor Bhandal and freshman Katrina Amistad. Quantum Wolfhack placed third and included junior Jonathan Hidalgo, junior Wilder Escobedo, junior Nathan Cruit and junior Rafee Qureshi. Both teams took home 500 dollars and “swag bags” containing items such as shirts and gift cards.

When asked what was the best part of the event, Gurgain compared the experience to pulling an all nighter and somehow completing the project and being proud of the end result. When it came to teamwork Cruit stated, “It was really nice that we were on the same page and one person wasn’t taking control.” Hidalgo too truly appreciated his team’s clear communication between all the members and the distinct roles they all possessed.

Hackathon had been a phenomenal triumph for West High’s first appearance. All the participants said they were ready to attend another year with more preparation and experience under their belt.

“I kind of wish I was a freshman so I could do it three more times,” spoke Qureshi.