West High’s 1st annual talent show


Adrian Salazar, Staff Reporter

A talent show was held here at West High’s theater for the first time and it was a very successful night. The event was mostly organized by the Music Club and by music teacher, Jonathan Raman. West has never had a talent show and junior Kacey Mae Moore felt that the school needed to have one. When asked why there should be a talent show, Moore said, “I remember participating in a talent show when I was younger, and it really opened me up, and it felt really awesome to show my talent, and I thought it would be great to share that with others.” Moore was mainly in charge of the talent show and, with the help of the Music Club, she was able to get the show on the road.


The theater was almost a full house and parents and students waited eagerly for the show to start after paying a $6 entrance fee. There was a total of fourteen acts ranging from guitar solos to breakdancing. One of the acts that caught the audience’s attention was sophomore Robert Eusanio dancing to “ABC’s” by KNAAN. Eusanio breakdanced and got many cheers from the audience.


Another great performance was seniors that of Asha Birdi and Kevin Zamora singing with piano “How Far I’ll Go” from the Disney Moana soundtrack. It was very apparent that the crowd really enjoyed it.


When asked about continuing the talent show every year, Moore said, “Absolutely, it was stressful and time consuming for me, but it turned out amazing; we all had fun.” West high’s first annual talent show left many in the audience with a smile and hopefully it turns out to be a yearly event.