Senior reflection


Courtesy of Lifetouch

Jocelyn Preciado, Staff Reporter

High school can be many things for different people. You won’t experience everything like someone else does and that’s okay. Sometimes you won’t make the right decisions. Sometimes you just have to face the consequences. I’ve made more mistakes than I care to count and I will live with them perfectly fine. I chose being lazy and on my phone over doing my work. I got my first F on a test. I’ve let a boy influence how I act. I allowed others to make me feel self-conscious. I dumbed myself down and changed how I saw myself to suit others. I got my heart broken. But it’s okay because I’m not perfect. No one is. People make mistakes and regret some of their decisions, but high school is the time for all of that. No one is perfect, and your high school experience is the opportunity to accept that and grow from it all.

After four years in the same school, you’re bound to meet all kinds of people. You might grow a second family within a team or a club. You’ll gain friends in each class for the year, then they’ll become distant memories. And you’re bound to have a couple fake friends try to become part of your life. Don’t forget to not allow yourself in getting caught up and get away from their negativity. The best part though is when you meet the few people that you keep throughout it all and accept you for who you are. Remember to keep with that squad because they will never lead you astray and have your best interest at heart.

High school isn’t easy for anyone to live through. It isn’t about breaking into song and dancing throughout the cafeteria, but trust in knowing that isn’t all mean girls, swirlies and burn books. Keep with what you know and only allow yourself to decide what’s right for you. I didn’t do that, but I learned how to, thanks to so many people. Thank you to Ms. Duff, Mr. Farrens, Ms. Escalante and Mr. Hodson for teaching me things beyond the classroom that I will forever carry with me, my squad for having my back, the snakes for showing me your true colors and leaving my life, my family for loving me unconditionally, my parents for their non-stop support, sacrifices and being role models that I can aspire to, my brother James for making me laugh and forget all the bad, all the authors for writing my fictional getaways and Starbucks for giving me caffeine to survive.