New season, new coach


Andrea Rivera, Sports Editor

Meet the new head coach Steve Wichman. Some may know him as their math or Special Ed. PE teacher but as of this year Mr. Wichman will take the position as the new Head Coach of the West High Football team.

With a new head coach comes new techniques and new plays. When asked what those new techniques are Wichman said,“We have changed the style of offense from the past and we’re changing the style of defense as well. Also we have added new coaches at all levels.”  This season Wichman is just looking forward to each of the teams working hard “whether it’s a win loss I’m just very proud of them.”

“Communication is critical and every football team needs a strong core of leaders to set an example for the rest of the team to follow,” said Wichman. This year a solid crew of seniors will assume that leadership role. Wichman not only coaches the sport but he also played football. As a former West High quarterback of the 2002 class, he believes his experience playing will,“Allow me to step into the minds of my players, to understand what they are dealing with. Like trying to balance six classes academically and balancing the requirements and responsibilities of an athlete.” Wichman can approach each of the situation of his players in a “unique matter which i’m able to understand.”

As well as the new techniques head injuries have become a new rising problem in the sports industry. When asked about the prevention of these injuries Wichman said,“We have state of the art helmets with new technology. We will also have a physician and a chiropractor on the sidelines to check any player that sustains a blow to the head during the game.”

When asked about the new coaching styles, senior Reynaldo Delgado said,“I respect him very much because when we do exercise he will do them with us. He won’t tell us to do thing and just watch but put in the work with us.”