Project smile is back


Hailey Fargo, News Editor

Looking for a new and inspiring club to join? Then you’re in luck because Project Smile is back and more positive than ever this year! Due to no one being able to take over the club as adviser last year, it was unfortunately discontinued. However, Mrs. Duff, the new club adviser, is extremely excited to have Project Smile back. She is looking forward to all the fun experiences. Project Smile “is a club designed to focus on bringing positivity and SMILES to campus,” said Duff. A big part of the club is making every person at this school feel like they belong and ensuring that West High is a safe place for them to be themselves.

This year, Duff already has a large amount of people that are eager to join her club. In the past, the club has been known for displaying positive messages written in chalk and handing out popsicle sticks with compliments on them. Duff believes that their “most successful and impactful activities in PS have involved some form of “‘random acts of kindness.’” Project Smile is an important club because it is a club where anyone can join as long as they have a positive attitude and are willing and wanting to share it with others. This club is also extremely significant because it is “focused on bringing positivity to campus, and in a world that sometimes seems intensely focused on negativity, a united effort to foster positivity is sorely needed,” according to Duff. Make sure to sign up for Project Smile if you want to aid in making the West High campus a better place.