Improving West High


Marwa Mohammadi, Features Editor

While summer came around to dismiss the students for the end of the school year, it began a new project for West High. Starting from the weekend of graduation for the class of 2017, the staff began to move their classroom belongings into the storage students for the refurbishment that was going to happen.

The constructions varied from remodeling the classroom’s floor by either adding new carpets or tiles to fixing cracked ceilings and dirtied walls. When asked about her opinion on the reconstruction Assistant Principal, Ms. Shannon Bancroft said, “I think it’s awesome. The classrooms finally look cleaner and brighter.” As the classrooms had been renewed and all the staff’s belongings were put back in the room, they began to renew the gymnasium as well, giving it fresher floors. The administration office was also remodeled, giving it a sophisticated and clean look. However while the classroom constructions ended at the end of July and the beginning of August, the gymnasium was still not fixed and was closed for the first week of school.

“We’ve been working on the culture of West High for years. I think the refurbishment improves it and I hope it encourages the students to take pride in the school on what it was to what it has become,” said Bancroft when asked how the construction helped the school’s image. The school also installed solar panels in the parking lot, which stretches from the school district to the school itself, providing a way for conserving energy and money. When asked about his opinion on the constructions West High senior Jonathan Hidalgo said, “I feel like it looks good! Some of the classrooms like Mrs. Bynum’s room just took off [sic] the carpet and like I don’t know if the floor is supposed to look like how it is but it could’ve been better. All the walls look really, really nice though!”  Hidalgo did have a complaint about the bathrooms and how they are still not remodeled and look old. “They could’ve been better. So much better,” said Hidalgo. But all in all, West has come so far from what it was before, so let’s do our best to keep it as polished and new as we have it now.