Season goals


Jasjot Kaur, Copy Editor

Cross Country:

Coach James hopes for her varsity boys to make their way through sections this season and onto state. She is looking forward to all four of the competitive teams she has this year including varsity boys, varsity girls, freshman-sophomore girls and freshman-sophomore boys. Coach James has faith in her teams to make it to sections and put up a competitive fight.

Girls Water Polo:

Coach Windschitl is very proud of his team and aims to defeat cross-town rivals Tracy High this season. The preseason scrimmages against Tracy High resulted very favorably for West’s girls water polo team and reassured Coach Windschitl and the team itself about their capabilities. Windschitl is looking forward to the fact that most of the team happens to be returning athletes who know the game and have experience in the pool. It has been a while since the team has mainly been experienced players so Coach is thrilled to see them grow and expand their fundamental skills and extensive plays instead of learning the basics. Windschitl exudes pride for his team, their potential and the leadership skills they present.

Girls Tennis:

Coach Quintana has multiple goals for his team this season. He recognizes that a majority of his team happens to be athletes returning for their second year. Quintana aims to help the girls improve individually so they can bring their own contributions to the court but also grow together as a whole. Team unity and connection is necessary for a successful season, especially for the doubles matches. He awaits the advancement of the players’ maturation and discipline in the sport and its fundamentals. The balance and composition of the girls tennis team is evolving with an even distribution of younger and older players. This will allow Quintana to build his team rather than having to rebuild every year. It is apparent that Quintana is confident in his team’s capabilities and will be alongside them every step of the way.


Coach Wichman’s goals for the football teams are making sure that the teams play to their highest potential and are able to overcome any obstacle they face during a game. Wichman mentioned that one change made this season is the freshman, JV and varsity teams all gained new staff on each level. Wichman is more than excited for what the football teams have to offer this season and is ready for the teams’ hard work from practices to pay off in the games, making them successful and entertaining.