BSU Feeds Homeless


Andrew Escobar, Staff Reporter

The issue of homelessness oftentimes seems distant to us as students yet it is more relevant than we think. In an effort to assuage this dilemma, the Black Student Union cooperates with local businesses and other members of the community to feed the homeless population in Tracy. Thanks to donations provided by Panera Bread, Starbucks and Togo’s, BSU is able to host weekly dinners open to all. This humbling experience has enriched the perspectives of members of the club, as stated by President Alexia Croffet, “We just wanted to help people that need [it]…”                Tuesday after Tuesday, BSU selflessly feeds those in need.

In Faith Tabernacle, the homeless were both grateful and elated to be there. Similarly, the volunteers seemed to show sympathy and respect for their situation. When asked about what her view on homeless people was prior to this, BSU member Melissa Toilolo responded “I felt sad for them and how we have it out here and they don’t.” Taking resources and giving them to the less fortunate in the community has shaped the biases of the volunteers and as Club Advisor Ms. Harrison said, “There but for the grace of God go I.” In other words, she expressed her gratitude for not being in that situation.