Human rights guest speaker


Courtesy to Andrew Escobar

Hailey Fargo, News Editor

On October 17 Marty Brounstein, the author of Two Among the Righteous Few: A Story of Courage in the Holocaust, came to West High to present for students, parents and faculty members. Brounstein originally came to speak to Mr. Sandoval’s Human Rights class’, however this event was free and open to the public. During his presentation, he discusses not only his book, but the historical background of it.

Sandoval’s class will be reading Two Among the Righteous Few: A Story of Courage in the Holocaust this quarter. He feels that hearing from the author benefits his students “…because it…puts a face to a story that we’re getting ready to read in class.” Sandoval also believes that hearing from the author will change his students’ perspectives on the book because they will see that “it’s just a normal person that wrote this book and experienced these things.”

Brounstein has been presenting for seven years now, and just a few of his 579 presentations were here at West High. When asked how it feels to speak in front of these students, Brounstein responded, “It feels good in front of any audience. This journey is in its seventh year, and I haven’t had a bad audience.” He enjoys the vivid discussions and hearing what the students gain from the story. His favorite part about presenting is revealing his and his wife’s personal connection to the story. In December, after the Human Rights classes have read the book, Brounstein will be making a reappearance at West High to discuss his book with them.