Life outside the gates of West


Jasjot Kaur, Copy Editor

The way we spend our time after school varies from student to student, with some kids working jobs to others sneaking in a nap to avoid homework.

Senior Anneliese Contreras spends time working at her grandparents’ coffee shop, Palomino’s Café in Manteca. The family owned business allows her to earn more cash while lending an extra helping hand. Just recently taking up this position over the summer, Contreras tends to work on weekends. She doesn’t have an allotted shift as she works flexibly “I don’t have a certain set of hours, if my grandpa needs me to go in the morning I go then, or if he needs me to close, I go to close.” When asked how she balances daily life and working, Contreras says that it’s not too difficult although occasionally she can’t clock in on the weekends when she has her softball tournaments.

Investing in stocks may sound like a whole different language to some high school students but junior Harmanpreet Shahi spends his time doing just that. Shahi explained that the basics said, “I buy stocks and then sell them when the price goes up.” On Mondays and Thursdays, Shahi is already dressed and ready at his computer at 6:30 am when many students are only waking up. This June, Shahi had wanted to buy a new laptop but just didn’t have the money; that was when the light bulb turned on and buying, trading and selling stocks became a part of his weekly schedule. Shahi mentions that his cousin studying finance at Cal State aided him through the process when he was learning the ropes. He makes an average of $90 on a weekly basis although he recalls his highest trade coming up to $150.

To those who don’t have anything to do after school, take up a new hobby, job or sport. You may never know where your decisions will lead you and what lessons [or money] you may gain from them.