Female Athlete of the Issue: Jasmine Cochiaosue


Andrea Rivera, Sports Editor

Freshman Jasmine Cochiaosue is a progressive soccer, track and cross country athlete.

Full Name: Jasmine Cochiaosue

Grade: 9

Birthday: September 26, 2003

Height: 5’

Eye Color: Brown

Favorite Color: Pink

Sports Played: soccer, track and cross country

Years Played: cross country- 2 years, track- 3 years and soccer- 9 years

Plans after graduation: To attend The West Point Military Academy, study either mechanical or biomedical engineering, play sports at a collegiate level.

Career goals: Play soccer professionally, participate in the Olympics or be a successful engineer.

Most Memorable Moment: At the Pacific Tigers invitational where the team came together and won both the spirit and mascot dance-off awards.

How has sports helped in everyday life: Taught her to always put forth her best effort because at the end of the day, after a win loss or tie you can be happy knowing that you can accomplish something.

Inspiration for sport: Her family inspires her to play many sports and are always there to support her. Her coaches are also a huge inspiration. They always know how to motivate her before and during an event.

Favorite teacher and why: Mr. Behnam, her leadership teacher, always puts his heart in everything he does. He is a great role model and most of all an amazing friend that she knows will always have her back.