Glam club: here to help you stay on fleek!


Parbhjot Kaur, Staff Reporter

The former Makeup Club has been changed into Glam Club to include fashion, jewelry and other beauty activities that go with the aesthetic of appearance. The club decided to broaden the focus because the advisor, Ms. Kim, wants her students to not only be successful with the skills they master from the club, but to take them beyond high school for possible career options in that field.

Glam Club will also be working with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) to give the club help with funding for learning experiences and possible opportunities like visiting the institute’s campus and teaching the girls and guys how to market, design and exhibit in the fashion industry.

Glam club will still be including their previous club focus of makeup by still teaching the members how to apply makeup hygienically and properly through makeup tutorials. The club will also incorporate makeup and fashion in possible upcoming activities for the following year like, special effects looks for events and maybe even prom makeup at a discounted price for our West students.

The club will keep looking further into progressing even more for the benefits of the current and future West High students who are interested in a career in the fashion industry. To Ms. Kim, makeup has progressed over time to the point it’s not just a cosmetic product for the appearance, but to where “makeup is an art.”