Should Graduation be at Night?

Marwa Mohammadi , Features Editor

The blazing heat of the sun hitting your face reminds you of yet another torturous day of school despite it being graduation. Makeup now in puddles, clothes drenched in sweat, the day doesn’t seem to get any shorter. Why is it so hot? Why are the people still talking? When is this going to be over? Questions flood your mind as the hours tick by and you can physically feel yourself melting. You surely don’t wish to hate every second of high school.

So what if this dreadful event was held at sunset with the air a bit cooler, the scenery marvelous and time that would forever be in your heart? Instead of waking up early at six a.m. to get ready for your graduation which would eventually end at around one p.m., why not have it at four p.m. and end it around nine p.m.?  No one would have to wake up early in the morning and stress about getting ready and getting to the event on time. You could spend the first half of the day getting ready and meeting up with friends and the second half going out to dinner with family.

It would also be beneficial for the family and friends that decided to attend the ceremony. They wouldn’t have to drive to school early or fight for a good spot in the bleachers. By the time it is over, most people are too exhausted from the waiting and the heat to go out and celebrate, which leads the day to be filled with emptiness. Also, this year graduation will be held on May 26, and Ramadan starts May 15 so we would be 11 days into the month of fasting for the Muslims. As a Muslim myself, I would absolutely detest waiting out in the hot weather with no food or water before, during or after the event. I know my family members would feel the same way. But with graduation around night, people can break their fast right after the ceremony is over.

In the end, it would be the last memory of the last year in high school, and it should be celebrated with as much happiness and laughter as we can. Why remember all the unpleasant memories that happened in these four years when you can focus on the positive?