2017 Homecoming game


Melanie Gonzales, Staff Reporter

This homecoming game was a first for some and a last for others.  West lost with a score of 32-14.  In the first quarter, the team made a touchdown from a two yard run. In the second quarter  Tokay scored three touchdowns even though West tried their best to defend. The third quarter West scored another touchdown from a two yard run and in the fourth quarter Tokay made a three yard run.

The halftime show was exciting with senior Dale Calma declared Homecoming King and senior Kiara Jones as Homecoming Queen.  Sophomore, Xitlaly Garcia said, “The game was great, [I] had a lot of fun with my friends and even though we lost, I’m proud.”  Most can say that this game was delightful since it’s a time where everyone can come together with their friends and support the team.

The football team was ecstatic for this game and trained vigorously.  Players agreed that their defense is what they’re best at and communication is key.  Coach Wichman compared the game to “two boxers in the ring.”  Wichman said, “We like to begin strong at first and wait for any openings.” Wichman further explained that many players on the team have strong leadership abilities, some developed while being on the team and others already had a strong sense of leadership.  With this homecoming game being over, our team defending their home with sense of pride in our pack, look forward for next homecoming game.