Small budget, big ideas


Nicolas Huynh, Staff Reporter

DIY Gifts – DIY gifts never go wrong, the fact that you are taking time out of your day to sit down and put effort into something to give to someone means so much more than going out to the store and buying an expensive gift. Some presents can even be made with materials you use every day at home or cheap items you can find at Walmart. Here are some neato DIY gifts that will make you wish someone made that for you:

  • Pretzel pillows
    • Materials
      • Thin Brown Fabric
      • White Felt
      • Thread
      • Sewing Needle
      • Scissors
      • Tacks
      • Fabric Glue
      • Polyester Stuffing
  1. Cut a 10” by 60” strip of brown fabric.
  2. Fold the longer ends of the fabric hotdog style and stitch around the open borders, leaving one end of the tube free for the polyester stuffing.
  3. Trim the flaps of the fabric close to the stitching.
  4. Flip your now stitched fabric inside out.
  5. Now stuff the fabric. Because the pillow is narrow and long, use a ruler to allow the stuffing to reach the far ends of the pillow for maximum stuffing.
  6. Stitch the exposed end of the fabric to close.
  7. Twist the pillow into a pretzel shape then tack it in the middle where both ends meet.
  8. Use the scissors to cut small squares of the white felt then glue the squares onto the pretzel with the fabric glue.

Keychain – Keychains are good cheap gifts that you can get at almost every store in the world. They can symbolize where you been or where you want to go. Keychains are cool decorative items that will definitely accessorize your everyday items. Key chains usually cost less but no more than $6.

Gift cards – Gift cards are super a convenient gift that won’t put so much pressure on knowing exactly what your loved ones may want. With these you won’t have to worry about whether or not that cardigan you just bought for your friend is cute. Gift cards allow the gift receiver free range to choose what they genuinely would like as a gift and makes things so much easier. These cards can range from $5-$25 or whatever price you’d prefer.

Card/Letter – Nothing touches someone’s heart more than a handwritten letter expressing how much they mean to you and how much your relationship has grown and developed. You don’t need money or expensive gifts to let someone you care about know you care about them, because a true bond is priceless.