Male Athlete of the Issue: Michael Hayes


Chrissy Martinez, Staff Reporter

Senior Michael Paul Hayes is no stranger to the game of basketball. Hayes has been playing for six years and is now currently the captain of the West High basketball team. Hayes never ceases to amaze the crowd with slamming dunks and scoring shots (see slam dunk here ) 

Full Name: Michael Paul Hayes

Grade: 12

Birthday: February 8, 2000

Height: 6’4”

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Favorite Color: Red

Sport Played: Basketball

Years Played: 6

Position Played: Guard

Plans after graduation: To be signed and continue playing basketball at the next level.

Career Goals: Be a real estate agent or an architect.

Favorite thing about basketball: The way the game is fast paced; everybody’s fighting for a win and working together.

Least favorite thing about basketball: Timeouts.

Most memorable moment: When I hit the game winning shot against Lincoln last year.

Who inspires you: My mom, my parents.

Who’s your favorite teacher and why: Behnam because he is amazing, almost like a second dad to me on campus.