Showcasing West’s artistic talent


Nicolas Huynh, Staff Reporter

On November 30, the doors of Merrill F. West High School were opened to the young creative minds of Tracy to attend the Fine Arts/Elective Festival. There, they were informed about what kinds of programs our school has to offer to further their artistic education. Some of the electives that were showcased at the festival were Introduction to Animation, 3D design, Drama, Journalism and Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC). The library was packed full of middle schoolers clustered at each station with representatives competing for their attention. When asked why he feels the arts are important in a student’s life, Chance Spivey said, “It’s important for kids to have art in their lives because it’s a form of self expression.”

The goal of this festival was to expose these young adults to various kinds of electives that can give them this creative outlet to relay their thoughts and emotions through something they might enjoy. In response to her favorite part about the festival, Alejandra Harvey said, “I really enjoyed the kids that actually listened.” When Ms. Welk was later asked what her goals were for improving next years Fine Art/ Elective Festival she said,“I’d like them all to have that opportunity to go on the campus and see what’s going on there and feel more connected to it. I’d like for it to be more of a district thing.”