Female Athlete of the issue: Miranda Morris


Andrew Escobar , Staff Reporter

Miranda Morris is an athlete best known for her perseverance on and off the field. Morris’ passion for the sport is also found in her career ambitions to become a trauma nurse at Fresno State University.

Full Name: Miranda Grace Morris

Grade: 12

Birthday: November 10, 2000

Height: 5’4”

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Favorite Color: Pink

Sports Played: Soccer and Track

Years Played: Soccer for 4 years and track for 1 year

Position Played: Stopper and sweeper

Plans After Graduation: Attend Fresno State and become a trauma nurse

Career Goals: To become a trauma nurse

Favorite Thing About Sport: Fun environment

Least Favorite Thing About Sport: Running

Most Memorable Moment: Saving a goal

Who Inspires You: Coach Behnam

Who’s Your Favorite Teacher and Why: Mrs. Ludwig because she is super supportive of me