New Year’s Resolutions


Casey White, Staff Reporter

“To get good grades for the rest of the year and be on track to graduate and just end the year on a high note.” -Nathan Nguyen (senior)

“To get better grades, get perfect attendance, and continue working. I also want to join the tennis team and be the best at it.” -Mounir Mansour (senior)

“To beat my 400m time in track. I want to make it to state this year for our school and for our team.” -Brandon Perez (senior)

“To start eating healthier and go to the gym or do workouts at home.” -Arianna Rangel (junior)

“Personally I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I never follow through with them, but if I were to make a new Year’s resolution it would be to be less apathetic about things.”-Eleazar Lee (senior)

“To be more organized and focused on school.”-Karina Gomez (senior)