2018 Winter Olympics


Courtesy of Chung Sung-Jun

Parbhjot Kaur, Staff Reporter

As the XXIII Winter Olympics arrive in 2018, the world’s determined and hardworking athletes prepare to take home their very own gold while the world waits in excited anticipation to watch their countries athletes to compete in some of the 15 different sports taking place this year in PyeongChang, South Korea. West High will also be watching as our athletes compete and represent our country. Despite their differences, these athletes proceed with good sportsmanship and determination for their sport. U.S. athletes and other countries athletes can also show all the generations that hard work does always pays off.

Many of the athletes and spectators describe the Olympics as an event to bring people together. Athletes play a big role representing America and interacting with other countries’ athletes and rulers.  The athletes playing don’t just represent our country’s athletic relations, but sometimes these athletes get to show their own perspective of political or nonpolitical views. Freshman Cydney Macon thinks it’s important to have politics in sports because many people look up to major athletes and would listen to their political views while receiving a different perspective on a topic. She also describes the Olympics as, “an event where you get together to just play or watch despite conflicts occurring around the world.”

The 2018 Winter Olympics will start this year on February 8 and continue till February 25 with 102 events from 15 different sports including alpine skiing, bobsleigh, curling, figure skating, ice hockey, biathlon and others. They will be taking place in the Republic of Korea for the location in Asia where its, “access to a young and fast-growing youth market,’’reads the official Olympic website, will lead to new generations being inspired to take the path as an Olympian.

If you put every single bit of effort and dedication each day during practice, you will get to the tremendous positions these Winter Olympic athletes have reached. These athletes get the honor to do what they love every day and inspire other future Olympic athletes. You just must remember all these athletes started off like you with determination and a love for whatever sport.