‘Sync along with us


Ajaybir Heir, Staff Reporter

Spotlights, nervousness and stress are all components of publicly performing, whether it be nailing the choreography or moving your lips to the lyrics. Tension is definitely present, but students at West High have recently overcome these obstacles and showed no signs of fear in this event.

Every year students sign up to participate in the jolly event of lip syncing, put on by the drama class here at West High. The annual lip sync which took place on January 11 and 12 was perceived as a success by many and deserves an encore. Songs included early 2000’s hits, country songs and retro 80’s music. The wide array of performances meant everyone was pleased and it caused smiles on students’ faces and an applause from students’ hands.

Performers practiced for weeks and went through the necessary dress rehearsal a day before their performances. Then during the 11th and 12th they lip synced multiple times for several audiences during the two days, including evening shows. Each introduction before a performance was segwayed into with a clever pun which was later accompanied by laughter from the audience. Although exhausted at the end, the first and last shows had no differences in energy and power.

A notable performance included Isa Guragain’s Rick Roll performance, which had quite the twist. Guragain had bamboozled the audience when he had transitioned from well-known rapper Drake to a classic 80’s Rick Astley which shocked the crowd, then went onto have dance solos which involved the audience. Senior Gordon Moody who was swept up in the action said “… there was a twist around every turn.” Overall his performance was perceived as enjoyable and added a comical dimension to the lip sync. Other performances were equally as entertaining, all having their own unique attributes. There was something for everybody.