Tips to refresh your mind and soul in spring


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Natalie Mangskau, Staff Reporter

With the flowers beginning to bloom and the weather becoming hotter, students will slowly transition from warm sweaters to shorts and t-shirts. With a new change of clothes and weather, why not make a new change in your lifestyle?

  • Clean your room

One of the quickest and easiest tasks you can do to get a fresh start. Cleaning a cluttered room can give space for organization and renovation.  Maybe you’ll be able to find that shirt that went missing three months ago. A clean room can set you up for a new day.

  • Donate old clothes

Clear out those clothes you no longer use and donate them to charities or organizations such as Goodwill. That old coat you don’t wear anymore can become a kid’s favorite. Even the smallest actions make a difference.

  • Volunteer

You can make somebody’s day by giving a couple hours of your time for a good cause. Organizations such as the Animal Rescue of Tracy, Astoria Gardens and the Animal Shelter of Tracy are in constant need of volunteers. Play games with the elderly for an afternoon or run around with some energetic dogs. Volunteering not only benefits yourself, but improves your community.

  • Try something new

Sticking to a daily routine is comfortable, but repetitive. By now your beginning of school goals and possibly even your New Year’s resolutions have slowly faded into the background of your thoughts. Gather a group of friends to go hiking or attempt that seemingly impossible cake recipe. Trying something new can revitalize your mindset and body for the new start ahead.

  • Get active

Getting active doesn’t mean you have to suddenly switch to an intense healthy diet and a regimented workout on day one. Start small, walk around the park or do a fifteen minute core exercise. Exercising builds muscle and releases endorphins; even the smallest amount of exercise can make you feel like a new person. A healthy body makes a healthy mind.