Student Art Gallery


Hailey Fargo, News Editor

The students in Mr. Nelson’s drawing and painting class and Mr. Rascano’s beginning art class participated in creating a blacklight art gallery. The walls in the room were covered with black paper and it was dimly lit with blacklights. The artwork created by the students covered the walls creating a colorful and vibrant vibe. Students who had the most success in meeting the criteria for the project got their art shown in the gallery. This was Nelson and Rascano’s third year showcasing the student’s artwork through the blacklight theme.

Rascano and Nelson both feel proud seeing their students be confident in their artistic abilities. When asked how it feels to see his students creating such amazing art, Rascano said, “It feels fantastic. I love seeing them when I give them…the freedom to create. It’s a great feeling to see them because I was always into doing art so when I see them getting into art it brings me back to my childhood.” When asked the same question Nelson said, “It’s always wonderful to see them do that, they take initiative as well.” Josh Wolfe, a student in Nelson’s painting and drawing class, said being featured in the gallery felt cool because he didn’t expect it. Wolfe’s favorite part about creating art is “the ability to outsource.” For Wolfe he tries just as hard when making art projects as he does when making them to be shown in the gallery, “I don’t look at it any differently. I just try and do my best every time. The blacklight gallery was extremely well-put together and full of beautiful pieces created by the students of West High. Make sure to check it out in the art gallery next to G1 if you haven’t already.”