Lending a paw to paint


Seemani Dash, Staff Reporter

A fresh mural of the ‘Pack’s newer logo is now on display in West High’s attendance office. Senior AP art students Hannah James, Hannah Kull and Hugo Gonzalez all worked together to brighten up West High’s offices with a massive representation of our logo. Gonzalez contributed to the under drawings and the first steps to painting. Kull and James worked on the whole project from the start of the design to the final brush stroke.

The entire mural spanned a time period of about two weeks. In this time, the three students worked on all the elements that made the mural as flawless as possible. In the beginning, art teacher Mr. Nelson brought the project up to the students and they all enthusiastically agreed to work on it. When asked about why this mural now graces our attendance office, Nelson said, “We have this to show our school spirit, to leave 2018’s impression on the school and to help beautify the campus.”

The location of the mural was chosen simply because the office walls needed something eye-opening to make it a nicer place. Due to recent remodeling, the attendance office’s walls previously did not show as much spirit as it does now. When asked about their thoughts on the site of the mural, the students voiced their approval of the location. Gonzalez said, “It makes the office a lot less dull since they repainted the school.”

The three student artists invested hours of hard work into the mural and it all paid off. Kull said, “I’ve been doing it from the sketch to the painting, and now it’s almost done.” The mural is now fully complete and adds more school spirit to our attendance office. Next time you find yourself in the office for whichever reason, check out our new Wolf Pack logo.