Environmental Club continues to grow


Marwa Mohammadi, Features Editor

With many worldwide problems occuring, the environment should be a top priority among ourselves. West High is currently finding a way to be eco-friendly by having its own Environmental Club. The club itself doesn’t only revolve around improving West High but the entire Tracy community.

West High’s Environmental Club has participated in many activities to contribute in improving our environment. Currently the club is having paper recycling where they distribute boxes to teachers so they will fill it up with white paper. To much of senior Jonathan Hidalgo’s excitement and surprise, this year the club received many requests from the teachers about getting a box in their classroom. When asked about their future goals for the club, senior Rafee Qureshi said, “I really want it to expand and have more of a bigger influence. Right now we are just working on the paper recycling and that is just one step and one part of getting a clean school, green school.”

When asked about other activities that the club is involved in Hidalgo said, “We clean up Dr. Powers Park by Monte Vista, and we participated in Barktoberfest to help some dogs get adopted. Then there’s my personal favorite which is Arbor Day, and basically we planted trees around Tracy and repainted the fire hydrants.”

It is never too late to contribute to the community. Help make West High and Tracy a clean, green environment. The club meets every Tuesday after school in Mr. Haim’s room, P-15 so be sure to check it out if you are interested.