Major life decisions

Melanie Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

School is almost over and many of West’s students are moving on and going to college. Many of us, going to college or not, may not be sure about what to do in the future. Here are some of the many pathways you could take in college:

Business Administration Management

A Business major requires lots of social skills and substantial decision-making. In Business Administration and Management, you are required to supervise and overview the business operation you are in. This major teaches you the principles of accounting, economics, finance, human resources functions, marketing and statistics. To complement this major, you can take a business-related minor to enhance your knowledge. UC Davis Graduate School of Management has a great program for business, along with the Haas School of Business in UC Berkeley.

General Psychology

A General Psychology major requires you to be inquisitive and social, viewing another individual’s behavior. Some topics you are most likely to overview when going into this major include counseling skills, methods of inquiry, language/mind/brain and personality. The University of San Francisco offers a course of General Psychology, introducing the methods of modern psychology, offered every semester.


In order to get a Nursing degree, general studies in sciences and liberal arts courses are necessary. Majoring in nursing requires lots of patience and attention, as well as hands-on training in a hospital. A Biology minor could help if you decide to study this major, but it is not required. Sacramento State University offers an amazing program for nursing.

Criminal Justice and Corrections

Corrections correlates to criminal justice and is the term carried out by agencies that use the involvement of treatment, punishment and supervisions of those individuals that have been convicted of crimes. Many science minors are great for a Corrections major and helps significantly. In this major you mostly focus on rehabilitation and counseling of criminals. San Jose State University is a great choice to apply for in this subject because it offers many courses such as Criminology, Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Legal Studies and Human Rights.


There are many majors for engineering such as Electrical Computer Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Each major requires different skills and teaches different topics. Science and math minors best help an engineering major and requires a lot of critical thinking. Many colleges and universities focus on engineering, UC Davis College of Engineering has a program  that is quite challenging; there is also Cuesta College and San Jose State University with really great programs.