Is prom worth the price?


Ms. Alana Escalante

West High students boarding the San Francisco Hornblower

Chrissy Martinez, Staff Reporter

Springtime is here and that means prom. With prom, the finances can easily add up. From having your hair and makeup done, to having a fresh new set of nails, to purchasing that fabulous dress/tux, next thing you know you just paid over $200+ for prom, and your mind is thinking “Is this all worth it?”

This year’s prom ticket alone is $150. People wonder where exactly their money is going for this event. Activities Director Scott Behnam says the price ranges “from transportation, to the venue and even the little things hiring security and the music.” Mr. Behnam’s goal is to make sure that prom does not exceed $150.

Senior Neville Harvey says, “Prom seems like a reasonable price, it’s on a yacht and in San Francisco… it’s all about the experience, that’s what you’re really going for.”

When it comes to prom, I am the ultimate prom professional. I’ve been attending prom since my sophomore year, and I can honestly say that prom can be expensive, but that’s only if you make it out to be. Follow these tips and tricks to lower the cost substantially, and you’ll change your view about the price of prom all together.

  1. Borrow a dress.

Last year I paid hundreds of dollars for a beautiful dress realizing the harsh reality that I’m never going to wear that dress ever again. This year I decided to borrow one of my mom’s old dresses. Not only was it considered “free,” but I looked amazing on the dance floor and ultimately saved hundreds of dollars. Don’t be afraid to ask a relative or friend if they have a dress that they don’t wear anymore.

  1. Purchase shoes from non-mainstream stores.

You can easily go to Macy’s and end up paying $100 for high heels that are going to end up hurting your feet and leaving you with blisters. Go check out Payless Shoe store. I found a coupon for 20% off and only paid $7 for my high heels that were comfortable and stylish all at the same time. A common mistake is that people tend to look for the “high end” labels and their wallets pay the price.

  1. Do your own makeup/hair or go to Glam Club.

Ladies, I know this is easier said and done, but with practice you can achieve your desired glam at home within a budget. No need to go to Mac or Sephora, purchase makeup dupes from the drugstore (drugstore makeup works just as good), and you’ll end up being asked “Who did your makeup and hair, you look fabulous!” Another alternative is going to Glam club and have your peers help you look your absolute best with their makeup talents.

With using all these tips this year, I ended up paying only $157 for prom in total. My prom ticket being 150 and my shoes costing me 7 dollars. Last year I paid over $500 for prom so by comparing the two years I saved approximately $343.

Prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Senior Erika Ayo says, “You can’t put a price on memories, so it’s definitely worth it.” Even after going to prom three times, I still can’t get enough and wish that it lasted just a few moments longer. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Paying $150 for the prom ticket you can expect attending a high-end event with the company of great friends. I highly recommend that you attend prom for next school year, you’ll leave with long lasting memories and a desire to go once more.